We have done installation work in:
Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Sweden, Norway.

We handle all types of welding quickly and accurately. Our welders have years of experience in repair and element welding. We can help you with all the welding you need on site!
Our welders are highly professional Specialists focused on MIG / MAG and TIG welding. Welders have many years of experience in challenging welding work. All our employees have valid welding classes. We also have people suitable for demanding Duplex and Superduplex stainless steel pipe welding (PED classes). The people we supply are always equipped to meet today’s requirements. If necessary, you can also get the professionals you need with their tools on a fast schedule anywhere in Finland. You tell us your needs, as well as your destination.We take care of the factors on the spot.

Here are a few more important points about working with us:

    • As EU citizens, workers do not need a residence or work permit

    • All our employees are insured

    • Employees all have valid fire work cards and Occupational safety cards

    • Our company handles all government matters and related paperwork

    • Employees pay their taxes in Finland

    • Employees receive a salary in accordance with the Technology Industry Collective Agreement

Through us you can get metalworkers for an Hourly rent:

We differentiate ourselves from other service providers in that we can offer services at a very competitive price, even on a fast schedule. As a small company, our service is always personal and flexible.